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1845 Main Drive Suite A

Fayetteville, Ar 72704

Tel: 479-401-2114

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Recruitment Texting Consent

In accordance with new mobile carrier rules, you must provide consent before we can text you.

There are 2 ways to provide consent.
1: Send us a text at 479.935.1949 initiating contact with us. 
2: Indicate in the form that you would like to receive texts. 

By providing consent you indicate that the number you are texting from, or included in your application, is your number and that you are authorized to provide consent.

* We will ONLY text you with an appropriate response to your inquiry.
* If we do not receive a response, we will follow up with AT MOST 3 follow up texts.
* The originating number will be from our main office line, but follow up texts may come from other HR lines.
* You will only receive texts from Air Fusion Plus business lines

* At any time you may opt out of receiving further texts by texting "STOP", "UNSUBSCRIBE", etc.
* You will receive a confirmation text indicating that you will not be contacted again.

* Your contact information is kept strictly confidential
* Any information collected is used solely for the purpose of pursuing your employment
* No information is harvested, collected, shared, or sold with any of our partners, vendors, or third parties

* We abide by all privacy laws required by the state of Arkansas.

* Texts are stored securely with our phone provider (currently Ring Central).
* If you wish to have your text history removed from Ring Central, simply text "DELETE ALL" and we will remove the texts from the Ring Central archive. Local copies may be kept, if necessary.

* Normal messaging rates may apply depending on your carrier
* Air Fusion Plus does not have any fees or charges for communicating via text

* You may receive links to external sites in the course of pursuing a position with Air Fusion Plus
* You will not receive any links to any external website to complete the application process
* Links will only be sent as needed by the application process
* Any links will clearly indicate the purpose and reason for the link
* Most will be to files stored in dropbox, google drive, etc
* You may receive links to our internal business pages
* Other links, driven by the conversation, may be references to supporting/example videos, audio files, etc
* You will never receive a link hidden by a URL shortener, such as bitly

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